Video Conversion

We can convert all your video tape scenes into quality MP4 digital formats for use in your Montage.  We accept all analog video tape formats: Betamax, VHS, SVHS, VHSC, Hi8, Video 8, and Mini DV.  Video tapes do deteriorate over time so the sooner you can convert these to a digital format the better the picture quality.


To complement the Montage, your video clip scenes should be approximately 10 - 15 seconds in duration.  If you plan on uploading your digital video scenes, we recommend that you consult the how-to guide on Trim Videos

When you send us your analog videos tapes, you must indicate the scene(s) on the video you want (minute counter, on target) and where you want the video scene to be placed in your Montage.  For more information, please consult the how-to guide on Organize Videos

Should you no longer possess the equipment necessary to view what is on your analog video tapes, we can convert your analog tapes to digital format when you purchase a Montage Package.  For example, if you purchased the Gold Package you can send us up to 8 analog video tapes.  We will then convert those to digital format on a DVD and forward those back to you so you can review the DVD and select the scene(s) you would like to include in your Montage.  You can then either send those DVDs back to us to extract those scenes or you can edit out those scenes yourself and upload them to our site. 

We charge $15.00 for each hour of analog tape that is converted to digital.  In other words, the cost to convert a 2 hour video tape would be $30.00.  Our competitors charge any where from $16.00 to $28.00.  However, we do not transfer the entire 2 hour video tape unto a DVD as most do which results in significant loss to digital quality.  We use the slowest recording speed and transfer ONE hour of video tape unto ONE DVD to produce the highest digital quality possible So if you had ordered the Gold Package, whereby 8 analog video tapes are permitted, you could be receiving up to 16 DVDs to review.