Photo Restoration

Memorial Montages specializes in restoring your photos to look like the day they were taken.

We use the latest computer technology and equipment to remove cracks, tears, scratches, creases, minimize dust particles and patch moderate pixel blowouts. We will then crop the photo appropriately and apply the necessary adjustments to brightness, contrast, exposure, curves, levels, hues, saturation, vibrance and color balance.

The following examples illustrate the difference between “As Is” Photos, “Enhanced” Photos and “Restored” Photos.  Click on the image to enlarge and then scroll over to see the dramatic changes in photo quality:

As Is Photo
Your Photo Enhanced
Your Photo Restored

*Results may vary depending on the size and format of the photo provided, type of photo paper used, photo pixel count, the overall photo quality.

Even digital photos require some adjustment:

                      As Is Photo
             Your Photo Enhanced





However, there are limitations. Although we provide moderate to enhance photo restoration service, significantly damaged photos can take a considerable amount of time to undertaken. Photos that have not been protected through time where severe cracking and scratches are evident throughout. Photos that have been burnt, water damaged or where the content of the subject is no longer visible due to pixel blowout simply cannot be done for the nominal price we charge.

Group photos are another limitation which could take considerable time to achieve. Our nominal pricing fee does not permit restoring all the individuals in a group photo. To that end, we limit our restoration efforts to two subjects in a group photo.

Here are a some examples of photos that we will not restore:

Degraded Group
Water Damaged
Pixel Blowout

When you submit your photos we will inform you immediately if restoration is not supported for the nominal fee we charge. Should you not hear from us then rest assured your photos will be restored and sent back to you when complete.

Photo restoration is the only service we offer apart from creating a Montage. In other words, if you just want photos restored then you can either upload them to our site or send those to us. The same conditions apply as above and we charge $25 CDN for each photo we restore. To upload your photos for restoration, click on Restoration Service.