Memorial Montages is grateful to those that have contributed their music for use in your Montage.  In recognition of their contribution we often feature one or more artists.  At this time, we would like to acknowledge Joachim Heinrich, Kevin MacLeod and Janet Isaac Morrison.

Joachim is only 18 years old but you would never know that by listening to his songs, such as "Memories", "Love Poem" and "Lost in You".  Joachim lives near Frankfurt, Germany and is attending university to study social work.  His hobbies include composing music, reading and hiking.  The composers who influenced him most were Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky and John Williams.


Kevin originates from Green Bay, Wisconsin and has been composing music for many years.  He has composed over 1000 songs, some of which has been used in movie soundtracks.  Much of his music is available on his site for your listening pleasure at  His songs "At Rest", "Amazing Grace" and "Long Shore Ahead" can be found in the Music Library.


Janet gets her inspiration from bible scripters and often uses praise and worship in her classical music.  Her instrumentals are ordinarily relaxing, encouraging, comforting, exhorting and edifying with songs such as The Isle Of Lewis, Tranquil Harmonies and The Highlands of Scotland. 


We would also like to thank the many talented photographers and videographers that have contributed to this site.  Photographers such as Phil Edon, Jana Kollarova, John Nyberg, and Michel Mayerle.  Videographers such as Mitch Martinez, David Huting, Dennis Hansen and Brad Spry.

Costal Sunset and Beach Sunset - Yuki Eidawa
Hearts -
Island Sun -
Grand Canyon - Dennis Hansen
Golden Sunset -
Moonscape - My3dScene
Ocean Sunset -
Partials -, Mitch Martinez,,, Free-Video-Footage.comand
Rolling Clouds -
Surf Sunrise - Brad Spry