If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a Montage is worth a thousand memories.

Note:  When the video begins to play, adjust video settings to 1080P HD as shown below for the best picture quality

With kind permission from the family and edited for discretion.  Your Montage will be much more personal in capturing those intimate family moments and precious events.

The above Montage represents the Platinum Package where each photo had been retouched, each digital photo enhanced and each analog video scene converted and enhanced.  Transitions and enhanced special effects such as 3D imaging, subject pan and zoom, image edging and multi-photo and video layouts were also applied.

The music for the above Montage was graciously provided by Joachim Heinrich (Memories, Lost in You), Bharath Ramakrishnan (Heart In Motion) and Kevin Macleod ("At Rest").  Video background courtesy of Yuki Eidawa.  These songs and many others are available in our Music Library.

The following videos demonstrates the four Montage Packages we offer, namely; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  Each come with a specific set of services and should provide guidance in your choice:

Bronze and Silver Montage Packages

Up to 100 Photos; Choice of Four Themes; Custom Cover and Labelled DVD.  Add up to 5 videos with the Silver Package.

Gold Montage Package

Up to 8 Videos; Choice of 16 Themes; Montage Text Captions (10); 15 Photos Retouched and Videos Adjusted; 1080P HD Resolution; Custom Cover and Labelled Blu-ray.

Platinum Montage Package

Up to 10 Videos; Choice of 16 Themes; Montage Text Captions (20); ALL Photos Retouched and Videos Enhanced; 1080P HD Resolution; Custom Cover and Labelled Blu-ray.

NOTE: Opening/Closing Sequences and Choice of Music included for all Packages

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