Opening Sequence

The opening sequence introduces your Montage.  The subject's picture, associated pictures and a text caption such as "Celebrating 25 Years", "Happy Retirement" or an epitaph, would be included in the opening sequence.  You will have the opportunity to add your opening sequence text caption as you create your Montage.

Memorial Tribute

The text caption for the opening sequence will then be displayed in your Montage.

Closing Sequence

The closing sequence concludes the Montage. With the Gold or Platinum Montage Packages, photos would be included with the text caption of your closing remarks.

The closing sequence will require some thought and should be concise and visually appealing when on the screen. In other words, plan your closing sequence to a paragraph or only a few short sentences. A congratulatory note, a farewell message, a poem, a prayer or something personal from the heart. You will once again add the closing sequence text caption as you create your Montage.

     Funeral epitaph  Anniversary quote  Funeral obituary 

To guide you, we have limited the characters that can be accommodated in the text caption box for your closing sequence.

Montage Text Captions

Depending on your Montage Package, you may have up to 20 text captions to complete for your Montage.  Short descriptive phrases are desirable to ensure the text caption does not overwhelm the visual intent of the Montage. "Her favourite pastime was sewing" "His passionate hobby" "With parents Robert and Sarah", "Married on Sept 15, 1961 in Las Vegas", are some examples that you would personalize.

Simply describe the event in eight (8) words or less.  Again, concise descriptions complement your Montage.  To assist you, the text caption box is limited to 50 characters.

     DVD tribute  Video Tribute  Funeral quotes 

Under the Create Montage process, you will be provided the opportunity to add your text caption under each photo and video. 

Keep in mind, that 10 text captions are available to you in the Gold Package and 20 text captions are available in the Platinum package.  So it is important that you plan ahead so you know what you want to say, where to say it, and to ensure there is an even distribution of text captions throughout your Montage of photos and videos.

For more information on Montage text captions, please consult the how-to guides for Adding Text Captions, Organizing Digital Photos and Video and Create Montage.