A Montage is a collection of your personal pictures, videos and text; set to beautiful music, an exquisite background theme and tasteful special effects; all assembled together in our studio to create a custom crafted Montage, presented on DVD or 1080P high definition Blu-ray disc.

At Memorial Montages, you can upload or send us your photos and videos, customize your own text captions, choose your background theme and select the music you want for your Montage.  We will do the rest.  Visit our Showcase and Music Library for the many choices available to you.

We also offer several Montage Packages to suit your budget and computer skill level.  To further assist you, we provide several easy to follow How-to Guides to enhance your skill level in preparing your Montage. The more you do for yourself the more you save.

We invite you to watch the following video on how easy it is to get started and create your own Montage after you register:

The following video includes the registration process when you create your own Montage:

For more information, consult our FAQ page or simply contact us.