Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes this site different from others?

    Memorial Montages offers a unique service that you will not find anywhere on the web.  You can upload your photos and videos through our website or send those to us.  And we offer our clients photo scanningvideo tape conversionphoto restoration and video enhancement services to complement their Montage.

    Clients have a variety of choices in creating their Montage, from the opening sequence to the closing.  There are a number of exquisite background themes to pick from in glorious high definition (HD).  You can add a personalized message to introduce and close your Montage.  You can also add text captions under your photos and videos to tell your story.   We have an onsite Music Library of over 150 songs.  Clients are encouraged to listen to those songs time and time again to find the perfect melody of music for their Montage.  Your Montage can also be presented in brilliant HD 1080P quality on Blu-ray disc.

    We offer several Montage Packages that are budget conscious and skill level dependent.  Clients have access to several onsite easy to follow How-To Guides to develop their skill sets; from scanning photos to editing videos.  These Guides provide our clients with the learning tools necessary to do for themselves and save money in the process when creating their Montage.

    We invite you to check out the competition.  View their service offer, product examples and pricing schemes.  Then compare that to what we offer at Memorial Montages.  You will find that we are extremely competitive, client driven, and produce a unique high-quality product.  We do not make simplistic slideshows or burdensome home movies, we create Montages.

  • Which Montage Package is best for me?

    Here are some guidelines to help you decide on your Montage Package.

    a) Assess your computer skill level – Helps in your decision on whether you are going to upload or send your photos and videos to us. If you have some basic knowledge of a computer and are willing to learn more, then our many How-to Guides can help. These easy to follow learning guides provide illustrations and step by step instructions on performing the tasks that you may need for creating your Montage. We will present the best practices and recommend computer programs that are free to use; to properly scan and enhance your photos, edit your videos, compress your computer files and so much more. You will then be prepared to upload your photos and videos to our site and save money in the process.

    b) Your desire for text captions throughout your Montage - If this is important to you, then consult our Gold and Platinum Montage Packages. You can add up to 10 text captions or 20 text captions respectively into your Montage.

    c) Your photos retouched and digital photos/videos enhanced – With our Gold Montage Package, we will retouch 15 of your photos and adjust up to 8 videos. All your photos will be retouched and your digital photos and up to 10 videos enhanced with our Platinum Package. Enhanced special effects such as 3D imaging and unique edging are also applied.

    d) Your Montage presented on DVD or 1080P HD Blu-ray - If you have a Blu-ray player and a high definition television, then we recommend our Gold or Platinum Montage Packages. DVDs are exclusive to our Bronze and Silver Packages.

    e) Your Budget – Our Montage Packages start at $350.00 CDN. If you do your homework you will find that we are a premium goods and service provider with competitive pricing at bargain rates.

  • What photos or videos can I submit?

    You should only submit photos and videos that you own and possess.  In other words, you cannot submit photos/videos that are copyrighted by someone else like photos in a magazine or YouTube videos.  Please consult our Terms of Use for additional information.

  • How many photos and videos can I submit?

    We limit the number of photos to 100 and the videos from 5 or 10, depending on the Montage Package you select.  Our research as shown that the length of a Montage should be under 15 minutes as the audience becomes less receptive if any longer.  Your Montage will be between 8 (Bronze) to 13 minutes (Platinum) long. You should also consult our Files and Formats section under the Support link on the types of photos and video we accept. Rest assured that we accept most types.

  • Why do I have to number my photos and videos?

    Currently there is no program on the internet that will automatically sort your photos/videos when uploading them. Simply put, smaller image files will load faster than larger ones. Format type and resolution (pixel count) are some of the factors that play a role in how fast a photo/video uploads. For instance, a large high definition video will upload slower than a standard definition video. A JPEG photo will upload faster than a larger resolution TIF or PNG photo.

    Therefore, it is important to number your photos/videos to ensure they are in a particular order for your Montage. Often the earliest photo taken represents the first photo and the last image being the latest photo/video taken. Placing photos/videos in the chronological order of age complements the Montage by illustrating the memories of a lifetime. Merely rename the file with the suffix, Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3 or Pic 1, Pic 2 or Pic 3 will do. You can even just add the number at the beginning – 1, 2, 3, etc. The same goes for your videos and the photos/videos you send to us.

    If you are not concerned with the order in which your photos/videos will be presented in your Montage than there is no need to number them. However, our clients believe it is an important factor.  Please consult our how-to guides on Organizing Photos, Organizing Videos and Organizing Digital Photos/Videos if you require more information.

  • How do I manage paper photos, video tapes and digital photos and videos?

    Two methods of submission are available to you:

    1. You can scan your paper photos and convert your video tape scenes to digital and then upload them to our site along with your other digital photos and videos, or;
    2. You can send us your paper photos and video tapes along with your digital photos and videos on a USB jump drive, memory stick, CD or DVD.  Please ensure you mark the scene(s) you would like to use from your video tape or DVD using the minute counter method.  
  • What if I already transferred my home movies to DVD?

    Then you are better prepared than most to create your Montage.  Simply note the scene or scenes on the DVD using the minute counter method.  And when you send us the DVD, we will be able to extract those scenes and then enhance those scenes for use in your Montage.

  • I no longer possess the equipment needed to know what is on my video tapes?

    When you purchase a Montage Package, we can transfer those video tapes to digital and present them to you on DVD for your review to select the scenes you want. We use a high resolution transfer method so that one hour of video is put on one DVD. So if for example, you have a two hour video tape, you will receive two DVDs to review. And if you choose the Gold Montage Package, which permits 8 video scenes, then we could present you with up to 16 DVDs to review and select your scenes. Scene selection is simple using the minute counter method. Then all you have to do is send back those DVDs which contain the scene(s) you would like in your Montage. We charge $20 per DVD for our service. Our competition may charge less but they normally transfer the full two hour video tape unto one DVD which reduces quality.

  • Do I still pay full price for a Montage Package if I only have 15 photos to scan?

    Unfortunately, we cannot individualize our Packages to meet specific needs. So whether you have 15 photos or 65 photos to be scanned, the price is the same. We recommend that you review our easy to follow how-to guide on scanning photos and scan those photos yourself.  We believe if you follow our how-to guide you will be happy with the result.  Afterwards, you can consult our how-to guide on organizing digital photos and videos for subsequent upload to our site.

  • Can I use my own music for the Montage?

    Woffer our clients the option of uploading their own music for use in their Montage.

    Under existing copyright laws, you can use the music you had purchased (CD, iTunes) when you create your Montage with the understanding of personal use only. In other words, there would never be an issue when playing your Montage at home with friends and family. However, there are limitations as to where you can present your Montage in public. Facilities such as rental halls, churches and funeral home require proper licensing for playing copyrighted music.  We advise that you check with them first prior to using their services.

  • Why should I use the music you provide on the site?

    The music we provide on our site does not infringe copyright laws and you are free to present your Montage anywhere.  You can select your music from over 150 songs in our Music Library. Beautiful timeless instrumentals that complement your Montage and where the subject takes center stage instead of a vocal performer.  Songs that have been remastered and formatted to very highest quality.

  • Explain your stand alone Photo Restoration service?

    Has that perfect picture of yesteryear become tattered through the years?  Ever wish that one or more of those photos could be restored to look like the day they were taken or enlarged so they can be proudly displayed and framed in your house.  

    Photo Restoration is the only service we provide aside from creating a Montage.  In other words, if you just want some of your photos restored then you can either upload those through the site's Upload Page or simply mail those to us.  

    If you plan on uploading your photos for restoration, we encourage you to consult our how-to guide on Scanning Photos.  The how-to will provide guidance in producing a high quality scan of your photo.  To summarize, you should properly crop your photo prior to scanning and scan at an output resolution of 300 DPI.  The scanned image should then be saved in either PNG or TIF format so that all the pixels of the photo are retained.   And don't worry if your scanned photo looks color pale. That is what it is supposed to look like so please do not attempt to enhance the photo. Just forward the scanned photo as is. A high quality scan is the foundation for high quality restoration results.  Then you can simply upload or send us your scanned photos and we will do the rest. Please understand that there are limitation. You can consult the Photo Restoration link for more information.

    We charge a nominal fee of $25.00 per uploaded photo and $35.00 for each send photo. (When you send your photos we employ state of the art scanning techniques and results are phenomenal.) Again, there are some limitations as some restoration work can take a considerable amount of time to achieve.  As detailed in our Photo Restoration Page, photos that are significantly burnt, water damaged or where the content of the subject is no longer visible due to pixel blowout, cannot be restored for the nominal fee we charge.  When you submit your photo(s) we will let you know immediately which photos we can and cannot restore and only invoice you for those we can.  

    Normally, the restored photos are simply emailed back to the recipient where they can then print their own photos.  Most photo printers when using the right paper will give you good results.  If you question the quality of your photo printer or just lack the confident in properly printing those restored photos, then we can also print and send those to you.  We use premium photo paper and professional Epson printers that will produce high quality prints of your photos.  We charge an addition $20.00 fee for each photo we print plus shipping.  Just let us know the size of the photo you would like for framing purposes (ie. 5x7 or 8x10). If you require further clarification on our Photo Restoration service, please do hesitate to contact us.

  • What is the difference between Photo Restoration and Photo Retouched?

    Photo Restoration takes considerable time to achieve and can be very labour intensive to get the desired results. Particularly when the photo is enlarged for placement in a larger frame. Photo retouching in a Montage takes a little less time as photos in a video format are more forgiving on quality.

  • What audio/visual equipment do I need to play my Montage?

    Depending on the Montage Package you select, a DVD or Blu-ray player will be required.  Most reputable funeral homes, community halls, churches and rental facilities will usually have the audio/visual equipment you will need.  We recommend that you check with them first to ensure your equipment needs are satisfied.

  • When can I expect my completed Montage?

    Suggested time frames are indicated under each Montage Package. If there is urgency to your request, we do offer the Bronze and Silver Montage Packages within 48 hours or 3 to 5 days if you send us your photos and videos.  The Gold Montage Package can also be available in 3 to 5 days.  Some restrictions do apply.

  • What warranty do I get when I order a Montage?

    Our business relies solely on word of mouth advertising. We will take every reasonable measure to make things right.

    We will ensure you receive the Montage Package you had ordered within the stated timeframes.  If it is determined that fault lies with a defective DVD or Blu-ray disc preventing play-ability, we will replace the disc to you at no charge.  Consult our Terms of Use for additional information on warranty.

  • What happens to the personal information I provide you?

    We pride ourselves in providing a discrete professional service and our Privacy Policy is clear in that we will not share your personal information with anyone.

    If you have additional questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Why use Taiyo Yuden optical discs?

    "The industry's highest recommended media by drive manufacturers".

    JVC Taiyo Yuden has set the professional standard for excellence with their exceptionally high quality control measures for superior recording quality. They provide the highest level of performance, reliability, and archival life.

    Taiyo Yuden optical DVD or Blu-ray discs offers the widest playback compatibility, lowest error rates in recording, as well as a 100-year data integrity guarantee. Taiyo Yuden media's broad read compatibility allows them to play in majority of optical disc players in use today. These discs offer exceptional solutions for a wide range of applications, including professional video recording.