Files and Formats

We accept most image formats including JPEG, PNG and TIF and most video formats; MPG, AVI, MTS (AVCHD) and MP4.  WMA video formats are the proprietorship of Microsoft so are not accepted.

PNG and TIF are larger uncompressed image formats that render the best results for enhancing, retouching and restoring your photos.  If you would like your photos restored as offered in the Gold and Platinum Montage Packages, then we recomment you upload your scanned photos in the PNG or TIF image format.  Consult our How-to Guide for Scanning Photos for the best quality scan results.

MP4 is the most versatile video format and offers the best quality results when presented on DVD or HD 1080p Blu-ray.  MP4 n264 is preferred as it offers high quality video resolution in a smaller file size for seamless integration into your Montage.  The MP4 format is also not affected by brower limitations so when you upload your video, it will be viewable and playable after you upload your videos.

When sending your digital photos/videos, all data storage mechanisms are accepted; USB jump sticks, Memory Cards, CDs and DVDs.  Many have already transferred their analog video tapes unto DVD.  So if you have and would like a particular scene(s) on the DVD, simply note the scene(s) using the minute counter method and we will extract those scenes from the provided DVD for use in your Montage.

If you choose to upload your own music for use in the Montage, songs must be in MP3 audio format.  We recommend that your music be at a bitrate of 320 kbps for best quality results.  You will be provided an opportunity to upload your own songs during the Create Montage process.  Be aware that the use of copyrighted music is limited to personal use only so you may not be able to play your Montage in some facilities.