• Anniversaries

    Surprise your spouse with a gift of a Montage at your anniversary.  At Memorial Montages we specialize in long term anniversaries of 25 years and over.


    Your Montage can begin by highlighting each of you as individuals prior to marriage and then showcase your lives together from marriage to the current time.  For instance, the first 3 or 4 photos submitted could represent each of you as babies, teenagers, and young adults just prior to marriage.  Or if you would like your Montage to begin at marriage that is fine as well. 

    When planning your Montage, we recommend that you consult family members and friends for any pictures and videos they may possess of your wedding to add to the collection.  You should also consider the time required to produce your Montage, which is dependent on the Montage Package you select, so it is available on your anniversary date if so desired.

    If you are concerned about removing photos from your old wedding album for your Montage, we can help.  Usually extreme care is required to remove delicate old photos from an album or they may tear in the process, particularly when those photos have been meticulously framed and securely attached.  At Memorial Montages we have specialized scanning equipment that can scan photos directly from your wedding album without removal.  Please contact us if you are in need of this specialized service for pricing.

  • Honour the Living

    Too often we find it difficult to express our true feelings to those we care most about and how important they are in our lives.  We convince ourselves that the person ought to know how we feel. Unfortunately this can sometimes lead to regret when that person is no longer with us.


    A Montage can foster those sentiments while recognizing that person in a very meaningful way. The montage can be shown during a special event such as a family reunion, a birthday, at retirement, or any occasion that would give rise to an acknowledgement of their contribution and your appreciation of them.

  • Family Legacy

    Everyone has a story to tell and who better to tell that story than yourself.  You may not have climbed the highest mountain or crossed the largest sea but to your loved ones, you hold a special place in their hearts.


    A personalized Montage of your life in digital format will last a hundred years whereby your children's children and their children and so on; will intimately get to know the person you were and will be treasured by your family forever.  You might say that it's a gift that keeps on giving.  So what's your story!

  • Commemoration

    After a loved one passes, family members are usually left with boxes of photos and videos that hold sentimental value yet tend to remain in storage for years to come.  So why not take an afternoon or evening to sort through those photos and videos for the purpose of commemorating your loved one in a Montage.

                                    After death

    In some traditions, family members gather a year after a loved one's passing to commemorate and celebrate their life.  A commemorative Montage would provide a visually stimulating and diginified redition of that person's life for such a gathering. 

    The Montage can also be presented at family events such as a reunion to honour the family member.  Or for sentimental reasons so you can fondly reminisce about your loved one during the holidays when they are missed the most.

  • Memorial Service

    When a loved one passes, the grieving family is often too emotionally stressed to think about a Memorial Montage.  Yet those who have seen a Montage tribute during a memorial service, whether family or friend, will tell you that the visual farewell was deeply touching and visually unforgettable.


    Planning ahead is the key to ensure that your Montage tribute is possible during a memorial service.  We seldom anticipate the loss of a loved one and believe they will be around forever. Unfortunately, those who have lost a loved one know how suddenly that can occur.  If your loved one is currently lying in a hospital bed stricken or already placed in a palliative care facility, it really is the time to get organized and act.  If your loved one is in a level 3 or 4 care home or elderly beyond their years, it is time to plan and then get organized.  If your loved one is over 50, it is time to plan.

    If you have not planned for a Memorial Montage then consider this. The time between your loss and when a memorial service occurs is usually up to the family, often with consideration to the travel needs for other family members to attend.  Four days to a week is usually the norm.

    At Memorial Montages, we offer Express Service whereby your Montage can be produced within 48 hours upon receiving your UPLOADED photos and/or videos with our Bronze and Silver Montage Packages.   

    We can also produce a Montage in 3 to 5 days under our Express Service when you SEND your photos/videos with our Bronze, Silver and Gold Montage Packages.  Depending on your location, most courier services boast next day delivery.

    Express Service is provided on a first come first served basis and subject to our availability at the time.  Please contact us prior to sending your photos/videos.

    And don't forget to include your digitized photos and videos when sending in your order. Your digitized photos and videos can be placed on a USB jump stick, Memory Card, CD or DVD.  If you have already transferred your analog tape video unto DVD, mark the scene(s) you would like to include in your Montage and forward that DVD to us as well. 

    Consult our Bronze, Silver and Gold Montage Packages on the associated costs with our 48 hour or 3 to 5 day Express Service.  Our how-to guides for Organize Photos and Organize Videos can also assist you in this endeavour.

  • Pre-Wedding

    A Pre-wedding Montage is the perfect gift given by the future spouse, parent or parent in-laws to be and is usually presented at the wedding. The Montage will begin with the engaged couple as children and progress through time as their friendship develops prior to marriage. The soul mates first date, social get-togethers, family events and holiday travel could be some of the highlights presented.      


    But you can make the Montage as personal as you want. And what better way to acknowledge and welcome your loved one or future in-law(s) into the family.

  • Post-Wedding

    So you hired a photographer and perhaps a videographer to highlight the events of your special day. Many of your family members and friends have taken several pictures and videos as well. At the end of the day, you are left with a photo album, your videos on a DVD and a mountain of photos/videos from friends and family.      


    Why not celebrate your wedding day and add a few photos and videos of your lives before you met and during courtship into a Montage. Your Montage could begin with baby pictures of the both of you followed by a few photos/videos of when you were young and still single. Days prior to the wedding and of course the wedding day itself would then be emphasized. And a Montage would serve as a wonderful reminder when played on your anniversary for many blissful years to come.

    Note: Changes to the Copyright Act in Canada (2012) allow photographers and videographers to own your wedding photos and videos. Most should have no problem in releasing those to you but you should ask prior to ensure they are available to you for your wedding Montage. If you are planning on getting married it may be prudent to ask your photographer or videography at the onset for ownership of your wedding photos and videos so they are available to you for any reason.

  • High School Graduation

    Before you know it, your child will be graduating.  Where has the time gone!      


    A Montage highlighting their life from birth through to graduation would be treasured by your family for years to come.  Friendships old and new, past birthday parties, family vacations, when they first walked or drove a car.  And your graduate would be the envy of their classmates.

  • The Other Member of the Family - Your Beloved Pet

    Most of us have endured the painful loss of a beloved family pet.  What better way to remember them by than with a Montage depicting their life with you. 


    From the time you first brought your pet  home through to the many moments you had shared together.  Your Montage tribute to them would serve as a wonderful reminder of the faithful and loyal companion they were and for years to come.

    Pets are often notorious for displaying red eye or a grey film over the eye when photographed and we can fix those issues.