Upload Page

This Upload Page is dedicated to Photo Restoration, Promotions, Contribute Music and Video Link.
(Not to be confused with uploading your photos/videos to create a Montage.)

Photo Restoration

For this service simply scroll down to the upload file section below, provide your contact information and then begin uploading the photos you would like restored.

You can upload up to 5 photos for restoration at a cost of $25.00 CDN each with a two photo minimum. For best results, scan your photos at 300 DPI and in the TIF or PNG file image format. Please consult our guide on How-to Scan Photos so you can provide us with a high quality scan of your photos in order to achieve the best restoration result.

As noted on our Photo Restoration page, there are limitations given the nominal fee we charge. We will assess the quality of the photos provided and will invoice you only for the photos we can restore. Once payment is received we will restore those photos and sent them back to you electronically within days. If you prefer a paper copy of your restored photo printed on a professional printer, we charge $20.00 per photo plus shipping. In the comments section just note the size of photo you would like (ie. 5x7)


For Promotions, add your contact information and select Promotions on the pull down menu of the Subject line. You can then begin uploading the 5 photos we are seeking in our Promotions page. Following upload, you will be contacted.

Contribute Music

If you are an aspiring or accomplished musician and would like to have your song promoted on this site for use by our clients, then please provide your contact information and select “Contribute Music” in the pull down menu of the Subject line. Upload only MP3 songs with a preferred bitrate of 320kps. Or you can provide any links you may have to your music in the Message box. We will then contact.

Video Link

If you are a videographer and would like your HD videos (1080 preferred) to be used as a background Theme for use on our site, please provide your contact information and select “Video Link” in the pull down menu of the Subject line. Then provide us a link where your video can be viewed in the Message box and following review, we will contact you. The duration of your video should be around 15 minutes.